Last Updated: 1 December 2019
Vision and Mission

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The globally respected instituted that shapes management practices in Saudi Arabia and abroad by creating new frontiers of knowledge and developing ethical, dependable, entrepreneurial and socially sensitivity leader-mangers committed to excellence. The Department of Finance, College of Business Administration Al Kharj campus is designed to be a pioneer education at the regional and international level. It aims to produce leaders in business and professional administration affairs and empower graduates to adapt both technicalities and practice of varied revitalized financial matters.


The mission of the department of finance is to prepare and produce distinguished students who would fit the modern professional demands. The preparation process has to be conducted in an advanced technical and professional environment that would induce innovation. A highly professional environment of qualified staff is in place to render best social services ever. It also to help Saudi Arabia and other developing countries improve their managerial practices both in the private and in the public sectors, and adopt superior public policies. It seeks to do this through producing risk-taking leader-managers who will pioneer new managerial practices and set new standards; through producing teachers and researchers who will generate new ideas of International significance; and through purposeful consulting aimed at helping client organizations scale new heights.

Program Objectives

Department of Finance is looking forward to inculcate professional and administrative qualities in prospective Managers/Administration capable of leading business organizations in both private and public sector. This approach also aims to render an effective contribution to the social and economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This can be made true through distinctive procedures conducted through education, quality administration and the utilization of the modern training and educational equipment.

Empower students with a solid knowledge-base coupled with modern financial tools and skills to enable them to secure jobs in: Financial Administration, Insurance, and Real Estate Institutes or to pursue a higher education. Students are prepared to acquire the following job related skills: Computer Applications, Deduction and Analysis Skills, Financial and Investment Problem Diagnosis, Planning Strategies and appropriate training in decision making process, transfer of acquired knowledge to practical job situations. Empowering graduates adapt to both the technicalities and the practice of varied revitalized financial matters.  Enhance students' interaction with business through research and field training projects.


  • To provide learning facilities to men and women of exceptional caliber for pursuing careers in management or becoming teachers and research in different management fields.
  • To promote knowledge through research, applied and conceptual, relevant to finance, and to disseminate such knowledge through publications.
  • To participate in and contribute to the formulation of public policy, which would provide answers to questions of social importance.
  • To enhance the decision-making skills and the financial competence of practicing managers and assist organizations to solve their financial problems by providing them with consulting services based on actual requirements.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in Saudi Arabia and abroad with a view to further professionalizing management education and assisting in institution building, in a meaningful manner.
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