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Determinants of Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia: An Economic Analysis using Vector Error Correction (VEC) Model Mohammad Imdadul Haque

Saudi Arabia is one of the major oil producing and exporting countries of the world. In recent years, it has been taking measures to diversify its economy. It has also been spending a lot on education in recent years. Under this situation, it is important to analyze and determine what are the major factors that impact Saudi Arabia's economic growth? Econometric analysis using co-integration shows a long-run equilibrium relationship between gross domestic product as dependent variable and three variables namely gross fixed capital formation, exports and imports as explanatory variables. Moreover, estimated long-run relationship shows that while gross fixed capital formation and exports boost up gross domestic product, imports cause a fall in it in the long-run. Public expenditure on education does not have any significant impact on gross domestic product. The results of Vector Error Correction Model validates that there is a long-run equilibrium relationship between the above mentioned four variables in Saudi Arabia. Granger Causality/Block Erogeneity Wald Tests show that gross fixed capital formation and exports cause growth ingross domestic product in the short-run as well.

Telecommunication Sector of Saudi Arabia: Internal and External Analysis Mohammad Imdadul Haque

Telecommunication sector plays a vital role in development of any economy. This study takes a holistic approach of studying the sales, financial performance, customer satisfaction and service quality. A comparative study of the three major telecom service providers is planned here. Financial performance of service providers indicates STC as the best, while Zain currently has the highest net sales. Overall customer satisfaction is much lower in the telecommunication sector. Also, customers' perception about the quality of service is lower than the expectations in terms of all the dimensions of SERVQUAL. But, the results indicate that there is neither any significant difference between the satisfaction of customers from their respective service providers nor there is any significant difference between aspects of service quality of different service providers. This is both a problem and opportunity for this sector. Increasing quality of services would lead to increase in customer satisfaction and finally increase sales and profits.

Farmers' Sensitivity to Crop Loss: Evidence From India Mohammad Imdadul Haque

This study analyses farmer's sensitivity to crop yield loss in India. The four prominent reasons identified are: drought; disease; natural causes and others, among which drought appears to be the major issue. The farmers who had small landholdings and lacked irrigation facilities, assets, credit and technical guidance were more at loss. The crop loss severity and its region at agro-ecosystem level has also been analysed and it was found that across all ecosystems, arid area experiences more crop loss followed by rainfed, costal, irrigated and hills & mountain. Arid and rainfed agro-ecosystems are worse hit by inadequate rainfall and while coastal and hills & mountain are more risky due to insect/disease/animal. In case of irrigated ecosystem both inadequate rainfall and insect/disease/animal come out as credible threat and emerge as major reasons for crop loss. Insurance could be one possible ways to mitigate the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Intraday Return Volatility in Saudi Stock Market: An Evidence from Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) Stocks Abdul Rahman Shaik

The market microstructure explains the association between the trading volume and stock price (return) movements. The flow of new information into the market affects these movements, hence causing return volatility. There are two important theories that study the association between the trading volumes and return volatility of stocks, one is the Sequential Information Arrival Hypothesis (SIAH), and the other is Mixture of Distribution Hypothesis (MDH). the literature found returns on Saudi stock market featured with volatility clustering where the distribution of returns is not normal. Moreover, the Saudi stock market is sensitive to fluctuations in the stock market. Furthermore, most of the research on stock market volatility has been found in the western world, and the number of studies in this area are less in Saudi context. The study of intraday stock volatility by employing E-GARCH model and establishing lead-lag relationships between volume and returns might capture the market fluctuations in a better manner. The study expects that the TASI stocks follow a sequential pattern since there is an expectation of lead – lag pattern between them.  It can also be expected that larger changes in volatility are followed by large price change in stocks, and vice-versa. Further, it is expected that the returns on Saudi stock market follow a non-normal distribution pattern, and the market volatility is found to be consistent. The study of stock market volatility in Saudi stock market is of utmost significance to market investors and treasury managers. The results of the current study might add...

Towards sustainable forest management through enhancing safety of nature Prof. Sulphey M M

Human-animal conflict is a major issue in human settlements around forests. Only sustainable forest development will help in mitigating this malady. The repercussions of human-animal conflict are far reaching and are mostly irreparable in nature. Depletion of forests and forest resources are a freighting reality. Extinction of many species, especially large carnivores stare on our faces. A positive attitudinal change towards sustainable development of forests will go a long way in its conservation. A few meaningful and whole hearted steps will facilitate harmonious human animal co-existence. The paper presents the unique story of peaceful co-existence of humans and wild animals in the Jawai forest region of Rajasthan, India. It also provides a few suggestions that can secure the peaceful co-existence of humans and wildlife.

Document Economic security and sustainability through social entrepreneurship: The currentSaudi scenario Prof. Sulphey M M

Economic security of each country is determined by array of different factors. Some factors seem obvious and are measurable, while other factors, such as entrepreneurship and, especially social entrepreneurship, are tacit and hard to measure. Anyway, social entrepreneurship is accepted globally as a bridge between business and benevolence. It attempts to find solution to local sustainability issues that are normally not addressed by traditional organizations. The problems faced by the Middle East society in general and Saudi Arabia in particular is unique in nature. Most of such problems cannot be addressed by the Government or the traditional organisations. The utility of social entrepreneurship arises here. There are many social enterprises in Saudi Arabia that have succeeded in nurturing a band of new leaders who are attempting to enhance the region's global competitiveness, with a social touch. The present paper presents a few social entrepreneurs who have made their mark in Saudi society, and provides suggestions for nurturing and sustaining social entrepreneurships.

An Economic Analysis of Development and Structure of the Foreign Tarek Tawfik Yousef El - Khateeb

Tarek Alkhteeb, Sarhan, A., A., Soliman, Roshdy S. Eladawy, An Economic Analysis of Development and Structure of the Foreign Total Intra-Arab Trade. Scientific Research , An Academic publisher , Scientific Research publishing , Vol.7 NO.1 2016  , Published Online January 2016 in SciRes. doi, http://www.scirp.org/Journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=63125,(Impact Factor=o,65)

The Relationship between Exports and Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia Tarek Tawfik Yousef El - Khateeb

Tarek Tawfik Yousef Alkhateeb, Haider Mahmood and Zafar Ahmad Sultan, The Relationship between Exports and Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia, Asian Social Science .Canadian  center of science and Education ,Vol.12, NO.4 2016. (Scopus Journal)



Obstacles of Promotional Mix for Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An applied study in Al-Kharj Governorate Tarek Tawfik Yousef El - Khateeb

Tarek Tawfik El – Khateeb and Nabil Mohemmed AL-Hazmi, Obstacles of Promotional Mix for Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An applied study in Al-Kharj Governorate, Accepted for publication in Actual Problems of Economics Journal, ,(  impact factor: 0.04), (Scopus Journal) dated 29-06-2016

empirical investigation of exchange rate and India's agricultural exports : cointegration and causality analysis Tarek Tawfik Yousef El - Khateeb

Tarek Tawfik El – Khateeb, empirical investigation of exchange rate and India's   agricultural exports : cointegration and causality analysis, International Journal of Trade & Commerce , Volume –V, Number -1- January- June 2016 .

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