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The Student Activities Committee organizes “Introductory Meeting with New Students” Academic Year 2015/2016 GC

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Start Date: 
Tuesday, 8 September, 2015 - 03:00
End Date: 
Tuesday, 8 September, 2015 - 03:00

Under the patronage of Honorable Dean of the CBAK Dr. Nasser S. Al-Kahtani and in the presence of Honorable Vice Dean Dr. Ali bin Saleh Al-Zahrani and Admin Manager Mr. Mohammed Abdulmatloob Hamdan, the Students Activities Committee (SAC) of the College organized “Introductory Meeting with New Students”.

Honorable Dean Dr. Nasser S. Al-Kahtani explained in detail about all the issues related to the college and university life of student such as rules & regulations, introduction to departments of the college and the method of calculating “Academic Grade”. This explanation will help students to prepare themselves for a new life which is different from all pre-university educational stages.  In the end, Dr. Nasser answered the queries of students and expressed his best wishes for the success of new as well as old students.

Mr. Bassem Ayoub, the Supervisor of Academic Affairs, spoke about the importance of students’ communication with the college and their data update on a continuous basis. Also, he explained the important procedures and services of “Vice Deanship for Educational Affairs”   such as process of addition, deletion, absence, presence and its effect on the study. He indicated to the rules of postponement, excuse, and transfer between colleges, conditions of payment of allowances and its regulations.

Dr. Tarek El-Khateb, Chair of “Student Activities Committee” welcomed all new students, provided them with some important information about the College and Student Activities and invited them to participate in the social, cultural, sport and technical activities which are organized by the “Student Activities Committee” and “Student Advisory Council”.

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