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The Department of Finance came into existence as an independent wing in the year 2007 and strives to thrive in the field of business education.

The Department has been making intensive efforts to improve its profile, by serving the society in different fronts in the form of imparting education through various courses, undertaking projects financed by the Government and industrial establishments and encouraging intensive research on topics of contemporary relevance. The services of the Department are being provided not only to Al-Kharj region in the form of formal system of education but also to the entire country.

The Department has an excellent Faculty consisting of best teacher awardees and text book authors and is having international teaching experiences. Their contribution in the field of research is immense, with several research articles in the journals of repute, national and international. They are now keenly engaged in conducting surveys and research projects which may contribute for the policy making.

The Department regularly conducts student’s meets to provide career guidance and to tap the creative and innovative talents of the students. Our Department of higher learning prepares students for professions in the applied business studies.

Finance is central to how the modern world operates, whether at individual, corporate, national, international levels. Department of finance degrees equip you with the skills and knowledge – both practical and theoretical – required to successfully build a career within financial or business management across a wide range of sectors.

The granted degree is named as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA).

The following majors are

-          BSBA - Finance/Corporate Finance

-          BSBA - Finance/ Investment

-          BSBA - Finance/Insurance

-          BSBA - Finance /Real Estate

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