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In the name of Allah the most gracious & the most merciful

Dr. Ahmed suhial Ajina
Dean, College of Business Administration

Dear visitors, the college team have the honor to provide its services to students and local community and are eager to accept any idea that can help the college to achieve distinction and quality in the output. Therefore, we request you not to feel slightest hesitation to contact us through E-mail, personal contact to any of our faculty member or administrative or visit our college in order to know it closely. 

As a result of Kingdom’s interest in Higher Education, the College of Business Administration was established as another block of  Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University with the aim to secure its place as a tributary of knowledge in the field of Business Administration and the chief supporter in achieving the desired comprehensive development of the University.

All Praise Be to Allah Almighty who created man & taught him eloquent speech. Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon the Prophet Mohammad, His companions and those who follows his way till the Day of Judgment.

Welcome to the website of the College of Business Administration – Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University on behalf of our all brethren working in the college. I would like to welcome you to our website hoping that you will like it. Also, we hope that our website will reach your content and satisfaction and will provide for visitors all useful information about the College and its Academic Departments including its vision, mission, objectives, research activities and other events taking place for Community Services in addition to the student activities. The Website will cover a lot of information pertaining to the Deanship, its affiliates and the specializations which distinguish our college from others.

The College of Business Administration has seven Academic Departments which grant bachelor degree in: Marketing – Accounting – Finance – Management – MIS – Law and HRM. The Academic Departments are having high quality distinguished academic programs which fulfill the requirements and needs of Labor Market by providing cadres possessing distinctive skills.

The vision of the college is to be one of the Leading Colleges of Management Science existed in the Arab World and to attract distinct faculty members, students and employees. As it aspires to exceed its output expectations of students and employers in the Labor Market and that is through a great deal of concentration on providing the students with necessary knowledge and skills so that they can prove to be assets in Nation Building. And to achieve this aim, the College provides positive academic culture from the first day of students’ admission in the college till their graduation.

Since the College is in growth and development period, we are keen to attract distinctive and qualified Saudi as well as Non-Saudi faculty members to take benefit from their academic experiences as we are keen also to adopt the successful practices of similar colleges in order to develop the college programs. Also, with the aim to raise the academic level and to achieve leadership and distinction in the specialization programs of the college, we pay our full attention to the Quality through using modern res ources of education and by focusing on the basic knowledge and skills necessary for the students.

 Dr. Awaad Ali Elenzi

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