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Improve Electronic Government in Saudi Arabia محمد عبدالله الزيد

This research was investigating whether using high information technology tools in Saudi government agencies can create more effective electronic government system. The study was conducted to help the Saudi government agencies increase their services’ quality and decrease their expenses. A review of literature was provided to know the results of related previous studies. To collect the study data, a sample of 840 government employees was randomly selected from customers service department in 21 ministries located in Riyadh. Emailed questionnaires were designed to examine the study’s hypotheses. It was found that the government agencies that use high information technology tools have more effective and reliable electronic government system. On the other hand, the government agencies that use low information technology have less effective and reliable electronic government system. Therefore, it was concluded that there is a positive relationship between using high information technology tolls in government agencies and the effectiveness of their electronic government system.  

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